About Me


Hi! I'm Andrea and I'm the Caker behind Blue Poppy Cake Design! My journey with making cakes began around 9 years ago when I made a novelty tractor cake for my Grandfather's 80th birthday, It sure was a learning process to say the least! But after all the stressful moments seeing the delight in giving my Grandfather his cake was the start of a love of cake art for me. 

Over the years I pursued my interest at a hobby level, making special occasion cakes for friends and family  After starting the Miss Cocoa Coffee cafe at Mandeville in November 2015, I was able to pursue my cake interest in a commercial setting, and in time Miss Cocoa Cakes was born. Following the sale of the cafe business in April 2019, I retained the Cakery arm of the business and re-branded to what is now known as Blue Poppy Cake Design.

The reason for the Blue Poppy name comes from the flower itself - a Himalayan blue poppy is described as a "a real head-turner, a rare treasure that is notoriously difficult to grow". I love that the name encapsulated my cake style - and also my desire to continully push my own skill set to develop even more beautiful cakes over time!  Thank you to all my lovely customers who allow me to create cake art for your special occasions. 

x   Andrea


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